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Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

Upcoming Dates

Training Dates - TBA
Run through - Saturday July 13th, 10am
Decor Day - Sunday July 14th, after lunch to dinner time (pizza dinner on us)

Morning Info

Breakfast start at 7:45AM and ends at 8:30AM. Group Leaders you must eat and be in your meeting by 8:15 in the Red Room.

T-Shirt & ID

You will receive a staff t-shirt on the Sunday decor day, this MUST be worn ALL WEEK.. Your ID's will be available at the information desk in the morning, this MUST be worn ALL WEEK. Put this on the Ranger Desk on your way home each day. If you lose yours or forget it home ask Simon for a temporary one.


DO NOT park in the church parking lot, we use this area for games.


While kids are having snack, their is a leaders snack available to you, make sure that one of your leaders is with you kids at all times.

Lost & Found

If you find anything on the ground please hand this into the Information Desk.

Info Desk

The Info Desk can be found on left hand side right when entering the church. Registration, lost & found, parent questions, and first aid are all here.

Friday BBQ

The BBQ starts at 12:30 on Friday. Please hand your ID string into Simon, you can keep the picture. We also will have our own staff party after this, more info soon.