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Parent Information

An email will go out on Friday prior to SummerJAM with what group your child is in as well as drop off locations.

Drop Off

Drop off is at 8:45AM every morning. Please be on time and you must sign your child in at this time. (Grade 5,6,7 students do not need to be signed-in or out). Please note that your car must be removed from the parking lot by the end of opening session as we use this area for games.

Pick Up

Pick up time is 12:30PM every day. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you SIGN your child out. (Grade 5,6,7 students do not need to be signed-out). If you would like to watch the closing session you can come at 12:00PM and sit upstairs. Please do not try and sign-out your child while they are walking to their pick up locations. If someone besides a parent/legal guardian is going to pick your child up then download the release form here, sign it and hand it into the Info's Desk (right at the church entrance).


We ask that you pack your child a snack each day (remember to include a drink as well). Buckets for snack will be at all drop off locations so remember to label this as well. Please NO NUTS.

Lost & Found

If anything is lost you can check in with the Information Desk.

Info Desk

The Info Desk can be found on left hand side right when entering the church. Registration, lost & found, parent questions, and first aid are all here.

Friday BBQ

Right after Friday's closing session we have a BBQ for all kids, volunteers, and parents.

Coffee & Tea Time

Right after you sign in your kids, come and talk to other parents over some coffee and tea. If you can bring your own mug and then you coffee for your way to work!